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  1. Dear Sir,
    I was a member of China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. Which is the Chinese consultant company on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce of China and the EXIM Bank of China for the Pokhara International Airport of Nepal.
    China CAMCE is both the EPC contractor and parent company of IPPR.
    Both China CAMCE and China IPPR are state owned enterprises.
    How a subsidiary company can supervise his parent company for such an important international project?

    The EXIM Bank of China should have informed the Ministry of Finance of Nepal and CAAN office that China CAMCE is also the Parent company of China IPPR, but they didn’t.
    The EXIM Bank, China CAMCE and its subsidiary China IPPR cheated the Nepal side and tried to hide this information in the past five years.

    The Nepal government and Nepal people should pay IPPR for more than 250,000,000 rupees even though IPPR didn’t work or have a meeting with CAAN, PMO and Nepali consultant company and never sent a letter to the Nepali client for more than one and half a year.
    I am in Pokhara now.
    My telephone Number:9808178733

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